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Clinical Resolution Lab Website Banners


Various Website Banners for Clinical Resolution Lab Website

As part of the marketing team at Clinical Resolution Lab, I was responsible for creating marketing materials for the various promotions we had our e-commerce sites. This sample of banners are a small selection of banners that were displayed on the company website during each promotion.

I was able to create various designs that suited the promotion the best and offer animated gif banners to give the website some more life to the home page. Each banner would be accompanied by various marketing materials (i.e. emails, social posts, ads) that would echo the theme used for the banner but to a lesser degree.

The website banners were prioritized as that was the way many returning customers were able to take advantage of the promotions currently running on the site. Most of the designs were very conservative as they were targeted towards businesses and skin care professionals.

Holiday 2021 promotion animated website banner
Jan ’22 product highlight website banner
March ’22 product promotion website banner
April ’22 product promotion website banner
Nov ’22 Cyber Monday promotion website banner
Ebanel product promotion website banner