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Manual Arts High School Athletic Awards Ceremony


Promotional material for Manual Arts High School Second Annual Athletic Awards Ceremony.

Created the promotional material for alma mater’s second annual athletic awards ceremony. Was contracted by the athletics department at Manual Arts High School in Los Angeles, CA to create promotional material for their upcoming event. They wanted to present a professional image to the student body and faculty to be able to raise funds for their event. By having a memorable experience for the students, it would allow the possibility of it to continue to be an annual event.

Event Banner

A set of concepts were presented to the school’s athletics department from which a final theme would be used across multiple promotional materials. A laurel wreath motif with the school’s colors was chosen to best represent the event.

A logo for the event was created to be used on posters, banners, tickets and event programs. Offered and became to be the point of contact between the athletics department and lithograph printers to ensure all printing was done correctly and on time.

Event Poster
Event tickets and program booklet front/back cover