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Mr Brainwash Art Basel 2012 Catalog


Show Catalog of 2012 Art Basel Exhibition for Artist Mr. Brainwash (Thierry Guetta)

Created a show catalog highlighting the many artworks that would be on display during Mr. Brainwash’s 2012 Art Basel Exhibition in Miami, FL. He wanted to a catalog that would was very modern and clean to be able to highlight his artworks, which were at the time very detailed and consisted of found reclaimed mediums with his iconic imagery.

Was tasked with creating a 40 page spread using several of the artworks that would be on display at the exhibition. Each artwork was photographed and uploaded to a database by me. The artist wanted to use one of his very detailed artworks which was created in landscape orientation as the cover. I suggested using a fold out cover that would be able to highlight a part of the artwork as well as the entire artwork when pulled out. The same was done with the back cover with another of his artworks.

The layout consists of several artworks laid out with complimentary pieces and some had detailed close ups on the same spread to give buyers and collectors a full look at the artworks that were on display.

All images used with permission from the artist