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Mr Brainwash Seasonal Catalog Samples

2010 – 2020

Promotional Pdf Catalogs for Artist Mr. Brainwash (Thierry Guetta)

Collection of sample catalogs created to promote the artist Mr. Brainwash’s artworks. Was tasked with photographing, editing and preparing collections of his work for the sales team to then distribute to possible clients. Each layout design was made to highlight the artwork’s in the most attractive and on brand way. Motifs consisted of neutral backgrounds that would accentuate the artwork to the clients.

Whenever there was a break between exhibitions, any artworks created by the artist was marketed to collectors and galleries using pdfs that were distributed by the sales team. Each catalog was made to offer a small sampling of the art works available to entice customers.

The artworks selected were always discussed among the artist, sales persons, and myself to best represent the available works at each time. Collections sometimes consisted from an assortment of works in a series or individual works.

Sample pages from Spring 2016 “Works on Paper” catalog
Sample pages from Winter 2018 “Works on Canvas” catalog
Sample pages from Summer 2019 “Framed Canvas” catalog

All images used with permission from the artist