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The Latino Corner Family Restaurant


Logo and corresponding restaurant materials

Created the logo and corresponding promotional materials and menu. Was contacted by the investment company Alianza Latino to help launch a brand new restaurant in the Pico Union district of Los Angeles. They were planning on opening a Latin themed restaurant that would cater to the hispanic families in the surrounding neighborhoods as well as dance venue on weekend nights. They requested a modern aesthetic as well as a distinct latin motif for their restaurant.

For the logo, a very bold type design was created with accents that call back to early Latin American art. The logo was meant to attract the targeted demographic as well as appeal to those outside of that demographic. A set of dancers were also created based on this same theme to show the dual purpose of the restaurant. The addition of a very bold pattern was created to help bring the entire theme together.

Once the client approved all assets of the theme, flyers, banners and menus were created. All items received the same theme design and all the assets of the theme were used in each project. The restaurant name was very apparent in each design as well as the silhouettes of the dancers. Each item was in both English and Spanish as to attract as many people as possible.